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insanity is just another word for brilliance

people always confuse one for the other

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"Everyone is searching for a place that can heal their sadness and loneliness. So... for you, that place is here."
--Love in the Ice; Tohoshinki

"I’m already spinning words, the warmth of my tongue completely cools, and I cannot sing the song that I adore... Still, you do not answer."
--Still Doll; Kanon Wakeshima

01.→gia. 90s kid. obsessed fangirl. crazed lunatic. procrastinator extraordinaire, with ideas gushing out of my brain like waterfalls... and I suck at organizing them. I'm a dreamer, I dream even when I'm awake. I love chaos, strawberries and chocolates. Changmin is my inspiration. DB5K is my air. Music & words are my life.

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Kim Sungje

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