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Always Keep The Faith~
... no matter what.
Hope to the end. ♥
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Quick Update

(Now I'm not 100% sure people will still read this but...)
Update on me: Still alive. Busy with work and (nonexistent) personal life.
Update on this journal: Still planning to use it. Still currently on hiatus. Just want to give at least a small signal that this journal is still alive and kicking, albeit on hibernation.
Update on fic writing: ... I personally don't know either. xD loljk. I still write some. I just don't post them online. Will need to change that.
Pending friend requests: Will get on them soon. Sorry.
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Shameless Pimping: Existence of Chunbulge, we want to hear your side.

Idk if a lot of people will see this but....

So my fellow Fil YooSu shipping friends and I have talked about something over milk tea one day... and it's about Yoochun's crotch. It was a very healthy argument and we wanted to know your side.

The big question:

Yoochun's Bulge... Does it exist or not?

Vote on the poll here!!!

Let your voice be heard! :D

bad copywriting, this post OTL
Yoon Seungah

A little note

So my day job (or afternoon... coz my shift is in the afternoon to night time) is being an online content writer/marketer/...a lot of other things. I like my job but online writing and creative writing are two different things. In my job, I have to be concise and straight to the point while in creative writing, it's the opposite. That's why I've been struggling to write fics for some time now.

I've written a few but my closest friends say it's a bit lacking and such and I did notice my fics aren't as good as I'd like them to be.

Basically, my point is that, I'll be posting a bunch of drabbles from time to time to polish up my writing skills and to find the right balance that I need for my work and for my hobby (why am I sounding dramatic here? Dx). If you can-readers (if I have any xD)-please do give me your honest feedback on my writing skills. Please ;A;

Thank you.

Why do I really sound dramatic? ;A;